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“What? Yishun again?”

How many times have you either said, heard or thought of the above? It is widely known to many of us, even children, that Yishun is currently infamous for quite a number of weird incidents happening in the neighbourhood. Rather than just being aware of these incidents, how great would it be if your child could use them as an inspiration for their composition? It is guaranteed to hook the readers!

Therefore, here at Writer’s Guild, we have come up with a few story plots that is related to some of the incidents that happened in Yishun! These story plots are based on commonly used topics for the writing examination. Help your child come up with interesting story plots by reading the examples below!

  1. Yishun Cat Abuse

Topic: A Brave Act

Plot: Mark was on his way home from school when he witnessed someone cruelly beating up a cat with a wooden stick. Mark knew that if he tried to stop the abuser, he would risk his own safety instead. However, he decided to be brave and went to secretly call the police before yelling at the abuser to stop the attack. Mark’s shouting gained the attention of passers-by causing the abuser to stop his actions as he tried to run away. Mark went to chase after the abuser and managed to help the police catch him.

2. Yishun MRT Station: Water leak through false ceiling during Thunderstorm

Topic: A Selfless Act

Plot: Johnny was running late to school. When he reached Yishun MRT station, he realised that there were puddles of water everywhere because of a water leak. He was about to tap his card at the gantry when he heard a shrill scream. It turns out that the scream came from his classmate who had slipped and fall because of the slippery floor. Johnny decided to selflessly help his classmate, sacrificing his time and risking getting scolded by his teacher for being late.

3. Pothole appears near bus stop

Topic: An Unfortunate Accident

Plot: Sara was on the way to the shopping mall. As her friend was already at the mall waiting for her, Sara decided to jaywalk across a road that had no traffic lights. Sara was playing with her phone as she crossed the road and did not realise the huge pothole that appeared. As a result, Sara fell in and suffered injuries and had to be sent to the hospital to stitch up her wounds.

To know more on the 3 incidents used above, you can visit for details.

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