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Measures in Response to Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia in Wuhan

[Dorscon Orange]

The government has raised its risk assessment level of the novel coronavirus situation in Singapore to Dorscon Orange. 


Dear parents,

In light of the above situation, below are the precautionary measures we have implemented at our centres:


1. Any student who travelled overseas within the last 14 days should not attend lessons at Writers’ Guild for 14 days from the date of return to Singapore.


Even if students have not been to China, parents are strongly advised to keep children at home should they not be feeling well. Make-up sessions will be arranged.


2. Our centres have been regularly sanitised using disinfectants. In addition, sanitisers are readily available at our centers for students and staff. Students are welcome to bring their own sanitisers and masks when attending classes. Anti-bacterial handwash is available in the toilet at the Yishun Mall outlet.


3. An external health screening booth will be set up at the entrace of our Northpoint outlet. Staff will be available at the screening booth 5 minutes before the start of each lesson. Please do not send your child to the center too early. All students’ hands will be sanitised before being allowed into the center. A visual health check of students will also be done. Students who show common signs of infection including respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, persistent sneezing, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties will be sent home immediately. In addition, we will be taking the temperature of all students.


4. Parents are to wait outside the centres when picking or sending children for lessons. Instead of face to face interaction, our teachers will call parents to give feedback for children. Enquiries about your children or request for make-up sessions can also be made through the phone instead of coming down to our centres.


5. We will not be accepting payment over the counter by parents this month. Please kindly make payment via bank transfer or Paynow. For cheque or cash payment, please seal it in an envelope and instruct your child to pass to the teacher. A receipt will be issued and passed to your child on the same day.


6. All walk-in enquiries by visitors will be rejected. Instead we will direct visitors to call us.


7. For parents who prefer the kids to stay home during this period of time, make-up lessons can be arranged. There are different options including our popular June and December special holiday programmes.


8. All upcoming Open House events and March Holiday Short Courses are cancelled with immediate effect. 


9. There will be temperature taking twice a day for all staff at the centers.


10. Let’s all remind our children to maintain high levels of personal hygiene.


At Writers’ Guild, we will try our best to practise utmost vigilance. Everyone has a part to play to keep all our students safe and healthy. Let’s work together to safeguard the health of our students and staff. We seek your understanding for all the inconvenience caused! 🙏🏻 Thank you!

Thank you.

Suspect cases of COVID-19 at Northpoint

(1) 5th Feb 2020 - Raffles Medical, a clinic in Northpoint, North Wing. 

(2) 13th Feb 2020 - Minmed, a clinic at Northpoint, South Wing. 

(3) 14th Feb 2020 -  Raffles Medical, a clinic in Northpoint, North Wing. 

(4) 17th Feb 2020 -  Raffles Medical, a clinic in Northpoint, North Wing. 

(5) 12th Mar 2020 -  Raffles Medical, a clinic in Northpoint, North Wing. 

(6) 24th Mar 2020 -  Raffles Medical, a clinic in Northpoint, North Wing. 

Fraser Northpoint has ensured disinfection of all affected areas.

Due to Covid-19 situation and Circuit Breaker, physical classes at our centres are suspended from 27th March 2020 till further notice.  

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