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Referral Promotion

From time to time, Writers' Guild may run this Referral Promotion! The parents of existing students get to enjoy a discount off the course fee for referring each new student to enroll in Writers' Guild's regular classes! The parent of new child joining Writers' Guild gets to enjoy waiver of the registration fee!

In order for the referrer (parent of existing student who refers a new child to join) and the referee (parent of the new student) to enjoy the promotion, all the Terms and Conditions must be met. 

Terms and Conditions (T&C)


1. The referee must register/enroll the child to Writers' Guild regular course(s).

2. The referee must clearly state the name of the referrer's child who is currently with Writers' Guild on the enrolment form.

3. The referee must not have had any child enrolled with Writers' Guild previously.


1. The referrer's child must be an existing Writers' Guild's regular course(s) student.

2. The referrer's child must not be on suspension or serving withdrawal notice period.

3. Discount for the referrer will only be applied to subsequent month's invoice based on the cut-off date of new child's enrolment date (i.e.first lesson date) - 15th of every month. If the referee's first class day is between 16th July - 15th Aug, referrer gets discount in Sep's invoice. If the referee's first class day is between 16th Aug - 15th Sep, referrer gets discount in Oct's invoice.

4. The referrer's discount can only be enjoyed once per referred household. For example, if the referee decides to register 2 children (regardless of registration sequence), the referrer can only enjoy one time $50 discount in course fee.

5. Existing students' parents can enjoy the referral promotion several times by referring parents of children from different households and subject to the above T&C.

Referee and Referrer
1. This
promotion cannot be used with any other promotion.

2. This promotion is only valid if the referee's child is a new customer, i.e. not eligible if the referee's child had joined Writers' Guild's regular course(s) in the past. 

3. This promotion is not valid if the child joining is a sibling of an existing student or ex-student of Writers' Guild.

4. The referee's discount can only be enjoyed once per household. For example, if the referee decides to register 2 children (regardless of registration sequence), only 1 child gets to enjoy the registration fee waiver based on referral promotion. 

The validity period of this Referral Promotion and any changes to the T&Cs are subject to Writers' Guild's discretion. 

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