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Awaken The Writer 

At Writers' Guild Learning Centre, we are dedicated to enhancing language skills through a creative bridging approach to writing and reading to help your child achieve academic excellence. 

Primary Programmes

Writing Enrichment Classes

Our effective writing classes have a reputation of helping students achieve confidence and excellence in writing. We adopt a unique approach of literature analysis combined with detailed constructive feedback given through rigorous student conferencing. Our students not only grow in love for writing but has also achieved huge leaps in school academically. 


English Tuition Classes

Meticulously designed and thought provoking, the lessons cover all the components of the English Language examination. Resources and lessons are carefully structured to gear towards PSLE and is in line with the latest MOE stellar approach. Special focus is placed on challenging components such as comprehension and composition. 

Secondary Programmes


English Tuition Classes

These stimulating lessons are designed to help students ace the Cambridge O-level examinations. These student-centred lessons focuses on critical reading and writing techniques with focus on analytical thinking. Students will be equipped with essential exam strategies and develop the confidence in the English language to achieve academic excellence. 

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