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Terms and Conditions

Make-up sessions
Make-up sessions are scheduled within the week only. If the child misses a scheduled make-up lesson, there will be no replacement.
If your child is absent due to personal reasons, we will try our best to arrange a make-up session for your child (limited to 2 make-up classes in a term - 6 months). Absenteeism due to the following official reasons when supported with documents will not count towards the term quota for make-up:
Illness - Medical certificate (MC) from an approved public or private medical institution (MC validity: +/- 7 days)
Overseas travel – a copy of travel document/ itinerary
School events – a letter from the school indicating nature and date of event
Make-up sessions are subjected to availability of vacancies in classes, especially on weekends.
Note that the curriculum covered in make-up classes may not be the same as lessons missed.
*There will be no refund for lessons missed. 

Public Holidays
Lessons will be suspended during public holidays and will not be charged.

School Holidays
There will still be lessons during MOE school holidays and fees are payable.

Semester Break 2023
Mid-year: 19th Jun - 25th Jun 2023
Year end: 18th Dec 2023 - 1st Jan 2024
Lessons will be suspended during WG Term Break.

Students’ Academic Details  
Please note that your child’s photographs, academic details and work may be used for educational, research or public relations purposes. Writers’ Guild owns the copyrights to our students’ work completed throughout the duration of the programme. Writers’ Guild may reproduce or publish the work for advertising or showcase purposes.

For withdrawal, the last lesson will be the end of the following month from the day the withdrawal form is submitted. The student's deposit will be used to offset the final month's invoice. If the notice period given is less than required or the student misses any lesson during the notice period, the refundable deposit will be forfeited.

Maximum Class Size
Northpoint: 10 (Weekday), 12 (Weekend)
Yishun Mall (418) & Punggol: 8 (Weekday), 10 (Weekend)

Payment Details  
The monthly fee is due at the beginning of each month. A $20 late charge fee will be payable if payment is received after the 7th of the month.
Payment for a full month remains applicable even if your child misses any class.
A refundable deposit of $150 will be collected at the point of registration.

For January 2023 invoiced in 2022, fees (inclusive of Registration fees and Course fees) will be subject to 7% GST. (Applicable for Classes conducted at Northpoint branch). If the said invoice is not paid by 31 December 2022, it will be subject to 8% GST according to regulatory requirements.

The option of a one-time Single Annual Course Fees Payment Arrangement for the period inclusive of January 2023 to December 2023 is available upon request. Parents who choose the Single Annual Course Fees Payment Arrangement will be given a 5% discount on the Annual Course Fees Amount before the prevailing GST rates. 

For Parents who choose the Single Annual Course Fees Payment Arrangement. Payment must be made in a single tranche or in a single transaction to enjoy the 5% Discount of the Annual Course Fees.

Modes of Payment Accepted: Payments can be made by either PayNow or Bank Transfer (FAST).

All Fees (Inclusive of Registration Fees and Course Fees) paid are strictly non-refundable (in Full or part thereof). ONLY the Refundable Student Deposit of $150 will be applicable for the offset of the final month's Course Fees upon withdrawal or completion of course subjected to Writers' Guild Withdrawal Policy (Notice period required for withdrawal).

For Parents who are on Single Annual Course Fees Payment Arrangement, Additional Fees resulting from a Change in Course (Writing/English) or a Class Switch (Change of Centre or Day of Lesson) is still applicable. Strictly no suspension of lessons is allowed.

Acceptance of the Single Annual Course Fees Payment Arrangement will be deemed that you are agreeable to all parts of Terms & Conditions for 2023 Course Fees Payment listed above.

Please kindly take note there is a Suspension fee of $10 for each lesson suspended.
The maximum number of lessons allowed for suspension in a consecutive period is 6 lessons.
In the event that the student fails to resume lesson following the end of suspension period, or after suspension of the 6th lesson; it will be considered as a withdrawal without serving of the notice period. As a result, the Student Deposit of $150 will be forfeited.

Deposit, fees and credits are strictly non-transferable.
Writers’ Guild reserves the right to reschedule or to cancel a class at any point of time during the term due to unforeseen circumstances. Make-up classes will be arranged should classes be cancelled.
Writers’ Guild reserves the right to replace or change class teachers without prior notice. Writers' Guild reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions without prior notice.

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