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2022 P6 PSLE Oral Workshops

WG’s Way with Words
P6 PSLE Oral Workshops (Focus: Stimulus-based Conversations)


🙊 Do your children often find themselves tongue-tied during the Oral Examinations? Are they able to answer the questions directly but at a loss when elaborating and sharing experiences?


📝 Do not fear, WG is here! Our comprehensive Oral Workshops will cover an array of topics and techniques to unlock their thinking processes. The students will learn how to brainstorm topics relating to the visual stimulus, internalise memorable techniques to break down themes of the topic and spark vivid experiences to share. In addition, they will be able to think like examiners and predict possible questions the invigilators may ask.


🧐 Actions speak louder than words! It does not stop at thinking, thinking, thinking. The students will also be given an opportunity to put everything they have learnt to practice.


🤯 Four different themes will be covered during the four sessions.


🤩FREE>>> When you sign up for the oral workshops, your child will also be receiving a complimentary set of our WG PSLE Oral Examination Preparation Package. Comprising more than 120 pages, it covers useful tips and an extensive range of common themes with model responses! This will be an important arsenal for your child’s oral examination preparation.

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before registering via the links. 

  • Writers' Guild reserves the right to determine the eligibility of each sign-up.

  • Writers' Guild reserves the right to amend, suspend, withdraw or terminate, whether in whole or part, this Promotion and/or any of these terms and conditions without prior notice and at Writers' Guild's absolute discretion.

  • A three days' advance notice will be given to participants in the event of class cancellation.

  • A minimum of five students is required to start a class.

  • Writers' Guild will not be responsible if any materials taught are repeated in the make-up class. Every class is taught at a pace suitable for the class.

  • By enrolling, parents hereby give permission to Writers’ Guild to use their kids’ pictures, written work and feedback gathered during the programme for public relations or marketing purposes.

  • Registered students who are unable to attend (the class/course) will need to inform the centre 3 days in advance. Otherwise, a penalty fee of $20 will be imposed.

  • Students who have attended the June Holiday Oral workshop should not sign up for this workshop.

Register only if you agree to the terms and conditions.

📌Class 1: P6 PSLE Oral Workshops (Centre-based)

Course Fee for 2 sessions: $136.21 (Existing WG students>>5% discount); $143.38 (Public)*

Location: Northpoint

Date: 10th Aug 2022 (Wed)

Session 1: 1pm-2.30pm

-30min break-

Session 2: 3pm-4.30pm

Register here:


📌Class 2: P6 PSLE Oral Workshops (Centre-based)

Course Fee for 2 sessions: $136.21(Existing WG students>>5% discount); $143.38 (Public)*

Location: Northpoint

Date: 10th Aug 2022 (Wed)

Session 1: 5pm-6.30pm

-30min break-

Session 2: 7pm-8.30pm 

Register here: 

*All prices are inclusive of GST

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