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Is your child getting a good score for content but poor score for language in his English composition? If yes, this might be why.

The use of good vocabulary is important when it comes to writing excellent essays for the simple reason that it brings the message of the story across clearer.

Think about this. Which of the following are you more likely say?

I believe that majority would choose the former, of course myself included. Just like us, our children also tend to use simpler words in their story instinctively as it is only normal that they use basic words to communicate in their everyday life.

However, when it comes to story writing, using stronger words means making the story detailed. These words are usually a lot more specific as compared to the words we use in our daily life. Thus allowing the readers to understand exactly what your child is trying to convey.

Here are 5 words that your child can use as a substitute for basic and common words!

1) Instead of 'VERY', use 'IMMENSELY'.

2) Instead of 'SAID', use 'UTTERED'.

3) Instead of 'SAW', use 'CAUGHT SIGHT OF'.

4) Instead of 'THOUGHT', use 'PONDERED'.

5) Instead of 'TURNED', use 'SWIVELLED'.

Time to make the substitute! All the best! ☺

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