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5 tips MUMS can learn from Superheroes to SURVIVE this May Holidays

Updated: May 9, 2020

Having to juggle between kids and work can be tough. Like superheroes, mothers put other human beings before themselves, often at the risk of their own sanity. What lessons can mothers learn from our favourite superheroes to survive this May Holidays?

1. Take an online meditation class

You need SUPERHUMAN PATIENCE this May holidays when your kid’s favourite pastime is testing your limits. If Doctor Strange could go from a normal man to the “master of mystic arts” with meditation, you can go from a normal mum to the “master of handling my kids’ nonsense.”

2. Update the Arc Reactor that is in your brain

Learning methods have changed. Kids no longer learn the same way we did 20 years ago. If you don’t update your brain software to the current, K-pop-loving slash Fortnite-fanatic system, best believe your whole network is going to crash.

3. Panic buy and hoard energy bars

If Thor can get his godly energy from thunder, you can get your superhuman energy from that $2.95 energy bar at NTUC FairPrice to keep up with your kids. (We regret to announce that this article is not sponsored by NTUC.)

4. Power up your Spidey senses

You naturally acquired this superpower when your baby first arrived on Earth. (Springing up from bed during unearthly hours the moment your baby whimpered.) Now use it to catch your child toggling between YouTube and online assignments.

Last but not least, read the last point for the highlight and number one tip for all super mums!

5. Send your children to Writers’ Guild

From the wise words of the first avenger, Captain America, “The price of freedom is high. Always has been. But it’s a price I’m willing to pay.”

Fortunately the lessons at Writers’ Guild are affordable and in fact, we are offering a FREE trial class for our wildly popular Clash Of Fun Online programme.*

In 6 months, (not with the help of the Infinity Gauntlet but a tested and proven programme), watch your child change from a reluctant writer to a creative wordsmith armed with an arsenal of writing techniques!

* Only available for new students. Other T & C apply.

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