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Writers’ Guild Safe Management Measures 

The safety of our students and staff is of utmost importance to us. To reduce risk of transmission of COVID-19, we have implemented safety measures, which are which are aligned with MOH's and MOE's latest advisories and requirements.

•    All staff, delivery personnel and visitors will need to check in via SafeEntry Gateway or scan the SafeEntry QR code with TraceTogether (TT) app before admission to the centres.

•    To expedite SafeEntry check-in, please ensure that your child brings the (TT) Token, or have the TT app installed on their smartphone with their profile set up.

Arrival and Dismissal
•    Only students with classes near reporting time (5-10 minutes) will be admitted. Students are to queue up 1 m apart (queue positions have been marked outside the centres). Parents are NOT allowed to enter the centres or be near the queues. 

•   Students at Northpoint are to factor in another 15-20 minutes when coming for classes due to stepped-up measures by building management. 
•    Students who do not wear masks will not be allowed entry into the centres.  
•    Please note that for safe distancing reasons, we will strictly not allow students to wait for parents in the centres. Parents are encouraged to drop off and pick up children promptly to avoid students lingering outside the centres. 
•    Parents must observe 1m safe distancing when waiting for their children outside the centres. 
•    We have worked out attendance and dismissal arrangements (leave in small groups by class) that will help reduce congestion of individuals in or outside the centres. 

Temperature taking and visual screening
•    All staff will need to take their temperature twice daily. 
•    Staff with visible symptoms of fever or respiratory symptoms, such as sneezing, breathlessness, runny nose, loss of smell, cough, or sore throat will be sent home instead of being allowed to work in the centres. 
•    We will do temperature taking and visual health screening of the students before allowing them to enter the centres. 
•    Students with visible symptoms of fever or respiratory symptoms, such as sneezing, breathlessness, runny nose, loss of smell, cough, or sore throat will be sent home instead of being allowed to attend lessons. 

•    Our centres will not permit students who are placed on Leave of Absence (LOA) or Approved Absence (AA) by their schools, or students who are on a Stay Home Notice (SHN), or Home Quarantine Order (HQO) to attend lessons. 

Safe distancing in the classrooms
•    We have organised the classrooms’ layouts and put up appropriate floor demarcations and/or physical barriers, e.g. using safety tape and separator shields.
•    We have organised students into groups of no more than 5 students and maintain a minimum of 1m spacing between groups. 
•    We have customised our curriculum such that there will strictly be no physical interaction or intermingling between different groups at all times.

•    Surgical masks or masks with equivalent filtration levels will be worn as a default by our teachers at all times, even during lessons. Students must wear masks at all times. 

•    We will disinfect high-touch surfaces in classrooms after the end of each class and conduct thorough disinfection of premises regularly. 
•    We have allocated at least 15 minutes between classes to allow adequate time to disinfect classroom surfaces, and to ensure strict separation of individuals from different classes.
•    Sharing of all equipment will be avoided as far as possible. Otherwise, the equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and/or disinfected before being handled or used by others.
•    Our centres have been cleaned and sanitised thoroughly before resuming operations.
•    We have also engaged a vendor recommended by NEA to apply auto-disinfection coating to common premises and high-touch surfaces before reopening our outlet at Northpoint.
•    Sanitisers and/or disinfectant wipes are made available in every classroom.

Payment and communication
•    Online payments of fees (via PayNow or Bank transfers) will continue and there will be no over-the-counter transactions. 
•    All enquiries and communication will be carried out via phone calls to minimise face-to-face interaction between staff and parents. 
•    Appointments must be made by visitors or parents if required to enter premises and only when absolutely necessary. We will decline all walk-ins. Interested customers are to contact us via emails or phone calls. 
•    For this period, scanning of Fraser Points will only be accepted by scanning screenshots of Fraser QR Code sent in by parents via WhatsApp. Please contact our admin staff before sending in the screenshots during operating hours.

Employee work arrangements
•    Staff with job scopes which allow them to telecommute have all been arranged to work from home. 
•    All internal meetings of teachers and staff will continue online to reduce interaction. 
•    There will be no social gatherings among our staff.

Management of unwell cases
•    An isolation room has been identified in each centre. Unwell students will be asked to wait for their parents in the isolation room while waiting for parents to pick them up. 
•    If the unwell student falls under a suspect case, we will notify all parents of students who have been in close contact with the student. 


Thank you for your continued support and trust in Writers' Guild.

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